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Marketing Director Embutidos Jabugo

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Oficina de Arte is the graphic design agency, located in Seville (Spain), specialized in providing comprehensive solutions for brands, products and services. We understand “Art” to refer to the creations of our team of “artists” that are aimed at increasing the sales of a brand by using different techniques and lines of communication.
By applying disciplines such as graphic design, web design and marketing, “Art” allows us to express ideas, emotions, experiences and sensations, so that the brands connect with their audiences, generate increased engagement and ultimately sell more.
Our challenge every day is to increase the profits of our clients. Because for Oficina de Arte, what doesn’t sell is worthless.

we design with art to communicate_

Product Collection
General line of design for oil and olives products, including corporate identity, web design, store, brochures etc.
The Great Book of Sherry Wine
Design, layout and photographs...
Product Collection
General design line for packaging of olives and pickles.
Turism Product
Corporate identity design, web programming and web development, app, advertising, social networks, maps, signage, routes...
Product Collection
Brand design and product collection packaging.
Branding, packaging, web and advertising
Brand design, packaging line, web, content writing, social networks...
Branding, packaging and advertising
Brand design, product line, catalogs, advertising, web and content writing.
ADE real state
Graphic design editorial, dossiers, folders, and advertising, flyers, press, billboards, mupis ...-
Packaging of detergents for washing machine
Brand design and packaging. Marin Agency and Associates.
Packaging of detergents and softeners
Packaging design for Bosque Verde detergents and softeners, manufactured by Persán. Marin Agency and Associates.
Port of Melilla
Annual Report
Interactive annual report design.
Corporate identity for the Town Hall
Design of corporate identity for the City Hall of El Puerto de Santa María.
Ferry ticket comparison portal
Design of corporate identity and brand, web design, ux and ui design, advertising, social networks ...
Extra virgin olive oil
General line of design for oil packaging in monodose, glass and pet products.
Wine Label Design
Packaging design for premium wines and brandies.
Interior design
Interior design for Tabalá Restaurant, Jabugo Gastronomy.

we do directed comprehensive design_

We are a digital transformation and communication agency specialized in comprehensive graphic design. We create the pieces that a company needs to project an attractive, coherent and professional image on all channels and support media. Corporate, advertising, promotional, editorial, audio-visual, digital, social… what are the needs of your business, brand or product?
From Seville (Spain), we offer branding solutions, graphic design, web design, 360 marketing, content copywriting and social media. We consider all of the alternatives to launch a compact and uniform message that connects with the target audience. We apply innovative marketing techniques and develop communication strategies aimed at achieving all-around success for our clients.

Diseño de branding

We create and activate brands so that they reach their target audiences and are easily recognizable.

Diseño de packaging

We design labels, packaging and containers that improve the image of the product so that it sells itself.

Diseño editorial

We lay out and compose magazines, catalogues, books, newspapers, yearbooks, corporate reports, etc.

diseño publicitario

We create creative graphic pieces that attract people to the brand or to purchase a good or service.

Diseño de producto

We give you the help that you need, from the idea to the presentation of the product on the market.

Diseño de espacios

We take care of everything, from the design and recommendations, to the production and final installation of your stand, establishment, scenography, etc.

Diseño y desarrollo web

We apply responsive design to the websites that we develop: corporate websites, blogs, online stores…

Tiendas online

We custom develop, manage and position your e-Commerce site, multiplying sales.

Diseño y desarrollo de apps

We strengthen your brand, increase the loyalty of your customers and multiply your sales with your new mobile app.

Diseño ux-ui

We empathize with the wants and needs of the target audience, to improve usability and user experience.

Transformación digital

We help your company make the jump to the digital age so that it can be competitive in a hyperconnected market.


For products, advertising, corporate, events… We create, photograph and post-produce images with a high visual impact.

Video marketing

We increase your visibility, position your business in search engines and add content with value for your customers with this original and economical strategy.

Inbound marketing

We position your brand as an expert to attract potential customers, offering information of value through different channels.

Social media

We plan the strategy in social networks and media to improve the online reputation and image of your company and communicate with your customers.

Gestión de contenidos

We attract your audience, add value, showcase you as an expert in your sector and improve brand awareness.

Proyectos 360 Oficina de arte

360 turnkey projects_

The turnkey system is the most convenient for our clients. This lets them devote more time to what they know best: their company. The main advantage of “turnkey” projects is that the client is always in contact with the same person, with no other intermediaries or suppliers.
Everything is at the expense of our agency. And do you know why we can do this? Because in Seville (Spain), we have a multidisciplinary team made up of graphic designers, publicists, journalists, marketing specialists, image and sound technicians, architects, event organization… They are the guarantee that everything will go better than you could imagine

Control de producción de Oficina de arte

production control_

We monitor the production processes of the projects entrusted to us. We have qualified staff in all of the departments involved in the creation of any communication piece. The client’s ideas are analyzed in a team meeting with all of the people responsible for the process involved, contributing experience and coherence, optimizing resources and enriching the ideas. We also have outside suppliers, experts in their respective areas, with whom we work on a regular basis and we supervise the materials. We pay special attention to ensure that these pieces are delivered on time.

Departamento de marketing Oficina de Arte

your marketing department_

If your company has a marketing department, we’ll work with them in the same direction. But if not, Oficina de Arte, from Seville (Spain), could be your marketing department. We’ll launch your brand to the target audience using different marketing strategies. We will not only increase the visibility of your product and service, we’ll also position it on the national or international market. Our actions are developed in the areas of graphic design, web, advertising, inbound marketing, communication and events. We will connect with your buyer persona, satisfying their needs and increasing your sales.

we’ve got good references_

Manuel Carrasco
Embutidos Jabugo
Marketing Director

“The designs by Oficina de Arte have managed to transmit a very special image of our brand that goes beyond the typical traditional image of ham or Iberian pork product production, combining the artisan aspects of our products with innovative packaging that is in line with the latest trends”.

Enrique Páez
Chocolates Eureka
General Manager

“Since 2001 when we began working with Oficina de Arte, there’s been a magical harmony based on fluid communication, which greatly facilitates the work. Their designs are full of modern, vibrant colors, original sketches that are even sometimes too daring, but above all, very creative”.

Margot Coca
Margot Coca

“For me, Oficina de Arte is synonymous with peace of mind, security, confidence, correct decisions, versatility, complicity and effectiveness. When we work with them I am sure that they will handle the work with as much care as I do, that they will get involved in the project as if it were their own company, and that they’ll give their best down to even the most insignificant detail. I like people who devote themselves to what they do, who are generous with their talents, who build and who are positive”.

Rafael Egea
Director of Sales Spain

“Oficina de Arte stands out from other design studios for its professionalism, and above all, their ability to put themselves in our shoes. They manage, exceptionally well, to convert each and every one of the ideas that we the business owners have – which often have no connection to each other – into designs, turning them into a whole that highlights the values that truly characterize the products”.

Curro Gallardo
Piel de Toro
Marketing Director

“The Oficina de Arte team develops highly professional projects, balances its designs with contributions that go far beyond our requirements, and even suggested more innovative approaches”.

Would you like to see some of our work?

now is the time to contact oficina de arte_

Do you have a project to develop? Do you need graphic, advertising, marketing or communication solutions? Tell us about it.
We have the experience, the resources, the team, the creativity, the excitement and the desire to create or update the image of your brand, product or service.
We have the best professionals in the areas of graphic design, web, marketing and communication to make every project unique. We create a customized plan so that you achieve success.
Want to see for yourself? Write to Oficina de Arte. Now is the time to get in touch with us!

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